What Is The Meaning of a "Shruti" ?

 There are 12 universally identifiable notes ('Swaraprakar' in Sanskrit) in any Octave (Saptak). As we play them from one end on any string, the perception of each of these 12 changes 'only' at 22 points given by nature (See red dots below). The sounds produced at these 22 points are the '22 Shrutis' and the 3 types of distances in-between are called as 'Shrutyantara' (in Sanskrit) (See Legend below).

- Dr. Vidyadhar Oke

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1. You may play 2 shrutis together to experience consonance / dissonance.

2. For playing 22 shrutis in all 12 scales, visit "Hear the shrutis" section.

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Stalwarts Who Have Appreciated The 22 Shruti Research & Instruments

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  • When Dr. Oke visited the residence of the legendary Hindustani classical singer Pta. Kishori Amonkar, she was extremely pleased to hear the accurate generation of the 22 Shrutis on the 22 Shruti harmonium and 22 Shruti veena. She also advised Dr. Oke to spread the knowledge of his research all over the world and blessed the research work. She was pleased to receive a customized 22 Shruti harmonium tuned to B flat, specially made for her.
  • Undoubtedly, one of India's topmost classical vocalists, Pt. Ajay Chakraborthy appreciated Dr. Oke's research work and the various 22 Shruti Instruments at Pune, and the maestro is now using a '4 octave', specially made 22 Shruti harmonium tuned to C#. On his invitation, Dr.Oke conducted workshops for a week at the Sangeet Research Academy of ITC, and his own music institution 'Shrutinandan', at Kolkata and they were attended by the students, scholars and also the faculty.
  • The icon of the Santoor world, Pt. Sivkumar Sharma was pleased to see Dr. Oke's work and the new instruments. He commented that this work is unique and enquired as to how much time it took to complete this work. He further advised Dr. Oke to specifically take up the 22 shruti harmonium to Indian vocalists rather than instrumentalists.
  • The legendary duo, Begum Parween Sultana and Ustad Dilshaad Khan highly appreciated the 22 shruti instruments and research during a special function at Vangani (near Mumbai), and have further invited Dr. Oke to their residence for further discussions.
  • Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, a highly respected senior vocalist, and the Guru of the ever-popular ghazal/film singer 'Hariharan', was pleased to see the 22 shruti research work and the 22 shruti harmonium at his residence in Bandra, Mumbai. He commented that the work is genuine, whether people agree with it or not; and that he was pleased to meet someone (Dr. Oke) who had studied shrutis as much as himself.
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  • Ustad Sultan Khan needs no introduction as a Sarangi Maestro! He was highly pleased to view the 22 shruti research and instruments at his residence in Mumbai. He also offered Dr. Oke to play this 22 shruti harmonium along with his sarangi, in a 'jugalbandi'.
  • Acclaimed musicologist and renowned scholar Dr. Ashok Ranade saw the research and the 22 Shruti instruments at his residence and even wrote the foreword for Dr. Oke's book on 22 Shrutis, titled 'A toneful Addition' (to Indian classical music).
  • India's seniormost north-indian classical violinist, Pt. D. K. Datar inaugurated the 22 shruti website, 22shrutiharmonium.com at the 2nd inuguration function at Vile Parle, Mumbai, in 2008.
  • The maestros Ustad Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain (Jaipurwale) saw the 22 shruti research & harmonium at a private concert in Mumbai, India. They said that they appreciated the breadth of new knowledge discovered by Dr. Oke.
  • A doyen of Indian Classical music, Pt. Dinkar Kaikini, after hearing the 22 shruti harmonium at a private concert at Mumbai said that '..at last the major problem of harmonium of having 12-ET European scale was adequately solved by Dr. Oke's new harmonium..' He encouraged Dr.Oke now to address another lacuna in the harmonium, namely, the inability to produce a 'meend'.
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  • The world famous music arranger for singer Lata Mangeshkar, and an expert violinist himself, Pt. Anil Mohile was delighted to see the development of the 22 shruti harmonium. Subsequently, Dr. Oke received the'Anil Mohile' award for his research work.
  • Pt. Satyasheel Deshpande, a disciple of Late Pt. Kumar Gandharva, and a revered expert of various indian classical music 'gharanas' (schools) was the first person ever to view and hear the 22 shruti harmonium. He commented that this Herculean work is only accomplished once in an era and that such precise research work was never done before and is unlikely to be done anytime in the future. He is an enthusiastic user of the 22 shruti harmonium.
  • Pta. Shruti Sadolikar, currently the Vice-Chancellor of Bhatkande Music Univerisity, Lukhnow viewed the research work at her residence and also invited Dr. Oke to present the research and instruments at the annual function to commemorate her Late father Pt. Wamanrao Sadolikar, a highly respected singer of his time.
  • The computer wizard of India and a writer-connoisseur of Indian classical music, Achyut Godbole inaugurated Dr. Oke's (22shrutiharmonium.com) at Mumbai, in 2008.
  • Maharashtra's much loved & multi-faceted indian classical vocalist, Pta. Asha Khadilkar inaugurated the 22 shruti harmonium by using it for accompaniment at the 'Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsava' in the year 2007, at Pune.
  • A sound engineer and a versatile stage and film singer, Pt. Ravindra Sathe viewed the 22 shruti research at a lecture-demonstration of Dr. Oke held by the 'Audio Engineering Society', in Mumbai. He was delighted to see the 22 shruti instruments and expressed the opinion that every classical musician should see this work.
  • Sanjeev Abhyankar, a young and extremely talented classical Indian Classical vocalist (student of Pt.Jasraj) saw the 22 shruti research work and instruments at his residence in Pune. He was pleasantly surprised to see the accuracy of mathematics in producing the extremely melodic 22 shrutis on the 22 shruti Veena and said that he shall recommend the 22 shruti harmonium to his accompanists.
  • The grandson of Late Pt. Vasantrao Deshpande, and a prolific Indian Classical singer, Rahul Deshpande inaugurated the 22 shruti harmonium by using it for his accompaniment at the 'Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsava' in the year 2007, at Pune, and continues to use it for all his concerts.
  • Pt. Mahesh Kale was very happy to see the 22 shruti harmonium and learn the Shruti relationships governing various raagas.
  • Pt. Vidyadhar Vyas was happy to see Dr.Oke's work at his residence and appreciated the 22 Shruti Harmonium and 22 Shruti Veena. He applauded Dr.Oke's simplified technique to demonstrate 22 shrutis, Shadja/Madhyam Gramas and the accurate samvad made by shrutis in different Ragas. He further offered to guide this effort by participating in Seminars/Educational Courses.

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