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Topic 52 : Making 22 Shrutis available to all : 22-Shruti-Harmonium, 22-Shruti-Metallophone, and 22-Shruti-Veena

Dr. Vidyadhar Oke   I have developed 3 new musical instruments making 22 shrutis actually and very precisely available to all. These are

1. 22-Shruti-Harmonium : I have given sufficient information in the Research Topics and this instrument can be seen and heard on the website.

22-Shruti-Harmonium has the following advantages :

 22-Shruti-Harmonium has eradicated the Equitempered notes from Harmonium repacing them with Indian 22 Shrutis.
 22-Shruti-Harmonium provides accurately 22 Shrutis in Shadja, Pancham and Madhyam.
 22-Shruti-Harmonium is made of normal size despite having 22 reeds per Saptak and is therefore easily portable.
 22-Shruti-Harmoniums are available in any given frequency of Shadja.
 22-Shruti-Harmonium takes hardly 2 minutes to select Shrutis as required in a Raga.
 22-Shruti-Harmonium is the only instrument where closely associated Ragas can be heard with their respectively accurate but different Shrutis of the same Swaras.
 22-Shruti-Harmonium is useful for vocalists both for practice sessions and for performance. It will ensure that their voice is singing the precise sounds of 22 Shrutis.
 22-Shruti-Harmonium is helpful for other instrument players (Sitar/ Violin/ Sarod/ Flute/Santoor etc) for their accompaniment as it will provide accurate sounds of 22 Shrutis and the instrument-player can play these precisely on his instrument both in practice sessions and performance.

2. 22-Shruti-Metallophone : As it may not be possible for all to go in for a 22-Shruti-Harmonium, I decided to develop another simple yet extremely accurate instrument to produce sounds of 22 Shrutis. This is a metal Xylophone where the specially selected metal plates are cut precisely to an accuracy of 0.01 mm or less by making use of high technology, to ensure that sounds of 22 Shrutis are produced when the metal plates are struck. The sound of 22-Shruti-Metallophone can be seen and heard on this website. The complete set has 45 plates for 45 Shrutis covering 2 Saptaks from Mandra Pancham to Tara Pancham.

22-Shruti-Metallophone has the following advantages :

 22-Shruti-Metallophone requires no special playing skill.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone is very easily portable.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone has a life longer than several years due to the long life of the metal.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone does not require electricity.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone will produce the accurate sound of Shruti in anyones' hands.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone does not require retuning.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone is made ready for playing within 2 minutes.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone can be used both in Practice sessions and Performance.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone can be used by Vocalists as well as other instrument players for accompaniment.
 22-Shruti-Metallophone can be used by beginers as well as by the experts .

3. 22-Shruti-Veena : Even after making the previous 2 instruments, it was not possible for people to actually "see" the relationship between Mathematics and Music. I therefore decided to construct the world's 1st calibrated 22-Shruti-Veena. This is a simple instrument with 2 strings 100 cm in length, stretched across a wooden board. On the board are markings where all the 22 shrutis can be accurately played on the string with the markings shown upto 0.01 mm.

Hence, with this Veena has the following advantages :

 22-Shruti-Veena requires no previous experience of learning any instrument.
 22-Shruti-Veena provides accurate places where the string can be plucked by anyone, and it produces a perfect sound of that shruti.
 22-Shruti-Veena enables that the sound can be heard and the distance can be seen both at the same time, thus, literally showing the unity of Mathematics and Music.
 22-Shruti-Veena strings can be tuned to any Shadja, but the shruti-markings on the string (Mathematics) remain the same.
 22-Shruti-Veena is very light, portable and comes with a cushioned cover for protection.

When several swars in a Raga/Saptak are played together on 22-Shruti-Harmonium or 22-Shruti-Metallophone, there is no dissonance, but an effect similar to Swara-mandal, is produced. Thus, Indian Shruti Polyphony being extremely 'in tune' and present between 'any of the Shrutis', seems superior to Western Harmony which is 'out of tune', and 'limited to few selected notes'.

Finally, I would like to say that Research is an ongoing process. This work clarifies many issues and precise numbers regarding 22 Shrutis. I will also be pleased to explain and answer in detail any queries on 22-Shruti-Harmonium or 22-Shruti-Metallophone to all those interested in augmenting the purity of Indian Classical music, and respecting the precision of the underlying mathematical foundation on which the 22-Shruti cascade is constructed.

Topic 51 : Comparison of 22-Shruti Harmonium with other instruments
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