List of 22 Shruti Research Topics

Dr. Vidyadhar Oke

List of 22 Shruti Research Topics

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Topic 01. The short expressions used in this website for 22 Shrutis

Topic 02. Non-English Musical, Technical and other terms

Topic 03. Introduction

Topic 04. Production of Natural Sounds : Harmonic, Partials, Timbre

Topic 05. The difference between "Nada", "Shruti" and "Swara"

Topic 06. Previous Research work on 22 Shrutis

Topic 07. The World's first Shruti-Harmonium

Topic 08. The Logic behind 22 Shrutis ('Shruti-Nirman Chakra')

Topic 09. Meaning and Criticism of the 'Tempered' scale

Topic 10. Positions of notes in Equitempered (ET) Scale

Topic 11. Capacity of the human ear to differentiate Sound frequencies

Topic 12. Indian Natural Scale

Topic 13. Mathematical difficulties in calculating 22 Shrutis

Topic 14. Pythagoraen Octave (Scale)

Topic 15. Importance of the Pythagorean Scale : 'Pythagorean Limma'

Topic 16. 'Syntonic Comma' or 'Ptolemic Comma'

Topic 17. Relationship between a Musical note and a Mathematical number

Topic 18. Just Intonation Scale - 'Natural' scale in the West

Topic 19. The most Ancient Musical Scales in the World

Topic 20. Efforts made by 2 prominent Indian Researchers to find our Indian scale

Topic 21. Discovery of 22 Shrutis from S-R-G-M

Topic 22. Why are Shrutis 22 only ? : Natural Evolution

Topic 23. Why are Shrutis 22 only ? : Natural Existence on a string

Topic 24. 22 shrutis : Rational of Ratios

Topic 25. Difference between Equitempered notes and Indian Musical Notes

Topic 26. Shadjas and Panchams of all 22 Shrutis lie in these 22 positions only

Topic 27. Bilaterally Equiratioal positioning of 22 Shrutis

Topic 28. Serial positioning of 22 Shrutis according to accurate adjacent ratios

Topic 29. Bharatamuni's Shadja and Madhyama Gramas explained

Topic 30. Bharatamuni's Moorchhanas

Topic 31. 22 Shruti Relationships Template

Topic 32. Practical Use of Decimals : Knowing exact distance of 22 Shrutis from Shadja

Topic 33. Practical Use of Ratios : Playing all the 22 Shrutis on any String

Topic 34. Relationship of 'Numbers generating Shrutis' and 'Prime numbers'

Topic 35. How to play 22 Shrutis on a Synthesizer

Topic 36. Names of 22 Shrutis in Western music

Topic 37. Relation of 22 Shrutis with the 7 Natural notes

Topic 38. Difference in Shrutis in Hindustani and Karnatak Classical system

Topic 39. Modification of the structure of traditional Harmonium to accommodate 22 shrutis

Topic 40. Accurate tuning of the higher and the lower pitched Shrutis under every key in 22-Shruti-Harmonium

Topic 41. Tuning of 22 Shrutis 'by the Ear'

Topic 42. Presence of 20 out of 22 Shrutis in Ancient Musical Scales

Topic 43. Western rationale of keeping 'A' at 440 Hz

Topic 44. Frequencies of all the 22 Shrutis in all the 12 scales on the Keyboard

Topic 45. Summary of 22 Shrutis

Topic 46. The reasons why singing by Indian Stalwarts in the tempered scale was appreciated for a long time

Topic 47. Useful mathematical information for the selection of Shrutis in various Ragas

Topic 48. The reasons for the wrong belief that Shrutis are 'several' or 'infinite'

Topic 49. Summary of my research work on 22 Shrutis

Topic 50. Place of 'tempered' harmoniums now that 22-Shruti-Harmonium is available

Topic 51. Comparison of 22-Shruti Harmonium with other instruments

Topic 52. Making 22 Shrutis available to all : 22-Shruti-Harmonium, 22-Shruti-Metallophone, and 22-Shruti-Veena

Topic 53. How instrument like harmonium with a discontinuous sound is perceived as continuous in concerts

Topic 54. Creation of Ragas in Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music

Topic 55. Selection of shrutis in various Ragas in Indian (Hindustani) Classical Music

Topic 56. Hearing Shrutis in 100 Ragas in Hindustani Classical Music

Topic 57. Moorchhana creating different Ragas in Hindustani Classical Music

Topic 58. Further Reading and References on the Internet

Topic 59. Difference between 53 Tone Equi-Tempered Scale and Indian Shrutis

Topic 60. Common Musical Scales and their equivalent in Indian Classical Music

Topic 61. Difference between the Semantic Danielo-53 System and 22 shrutis


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Topic 1 : The short expressions used in this website for 22 Shrutis
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