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Topic 44 : Frequencies of all the 22 Shrutis in all the 12 scales on the Keyboard

Dr. Vidyadhar Oke   The following tables give all these. The starting point or the frequency of Shadja is taken as that of ET scale only because of convenience, however, we can start with any frequency as Shadja.

Table shows frequencies (in Hz) of 22 Shrutis in all the 12 scales

Table is given by taking base frequency of (Saphet 6) A = 440 Hz (All numbers are generated by computer calculations).
(Note : Although values upto 7 decimals are provided, practically only 2 decimals are sufficient)

Frequencies of 22 Shrutis in all 12 scales

Topic 43 : Western rationale of keeping 'A' at 440 Hz
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Topic 45 : Summary of 22 Shrutis
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