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Topic 59 : Difference between 53 Tone Equi-Tempered Scale and Indian Shrutis

Dr. Vidyadhar Oke   It is documented by some research workers that the Indian 22 shruti set is actually a subset of the 53 TET (53 Tone Equi-Tempered Scale). This is not true, as shown below (Refer to following table). There are mathematical differences between 53 TET values vs Indian Shruti values as shown below.

In the table below, 100 is taken as the frequency of Fundamental Tone (Shadja) for convenience of calculation. 53 TET values are in increments of 50 % over 100 in a sequence. (Of course, when the frequency value goes beyond the Octave/Saptak, it is brought back between 100 and 200, by halving). The Indian shruti values are as per Topics 21/22.

Figure shows Difference between 53 Tone Equi-Tempered Scale and Indian Shrutis

Difference between 53 TET and Indian Shrutis

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